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Merchant Services for Business Consulting

A technologically advanced merchant account to cater to your business needs. A consultancy firm like a business consultancy or a financial consultancy and debt consolidation firms play a very important role in helping individuals or businesses to overcome their financial woes or put their business accounts in order. However, ironic though it may seem, such businesses face considerable amount of difficulty while trying to set up a merchant account. Merchant account applications in new businesses in the field of business consulting, financial consulting or debt consolidation are more often than not rejected by leading payment processing vendors.

Different Businesses Different Needs

At a time when the economy is on a rise, a financial consulting firm and a business consulting firm have a vital role to play. Further with rampant credit usage, debt consolidation services help individuals improve their overall financial health. Each of these businesses have varied needs that merchant accounts can provide. For instance, if you are a financial consulting firm that is in the business of providing various financial services to your clients, your primary need is fast payment processing as a number of cards such as Amex, Mastercard and Visa are used in quick frequency on your website. Along with fast payment processing, you are also responsible for maintaining data safety with the multitude of credit card transactions you probably handle everyday. A robust merchant account with full proof security measures is capable of executing payment processing as well as safeguarding client data.

If you have a business consulting firm on the other hand, you need a merchant account with a high level of safety as well as the capability to handle high value transactions and enormous volume at the same time. Here too, high level of security is an imperative. A good merchant account should be able to provide customised solutions for all of these needs of your business consulting firm and help you carry out hassle free transactions without any glitches. Like a business consulting firm, if you have a start up that caters to debt consolidation, you too require a merchant account that is adept at handling high volume transactions. Further, automation of billing and data accuracy is key to the merchant account of debt consolidation firms. Merchant accounts that function on multiple cloud based terminals and are equipped with agile and automated ACH/check processing are ideal in businesses in the debt consolidation domain.

Traditional Banks & Processors are Wary

Banks and financial institutions that run traditional merchant account for brick and mortar goods and service providers are often reluctant that new firms in business domains as the ones mentioned above need highly technologically advanced customised merchant accounts. Because of risks associated with card not present transactions, traditional financial institutions categorise these businesses as high-risk and often reject merchant account applications from start-ups like yours. Even if your application is accepted you are likely to incur high costs by way of fees that are charged by such institutions to maintain a merchant account in a high risk category.

If you have a business that falls in any of above mentioned categories of business consulting, financial consulting or debt consolidation, and are having trouble setting up a merchant account, we have just the right solution for you. As a leading merchant account provider we have a team of experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of different industries. We can assess your business needs and provide customised solutions that can help you attain your business objectives.

Benefis As Your Merchant Account Provider

What sets us apart from the rest of the competition is our vast experience in diversified business including financial and business consulting and debt consolidation. This enables us to decode not only your business but familiarises us with the risk factors too. As a result, we have successfully assisted a large number of clients in varied industries set up state-of-the-art merchant accounts that take care of each aspect of their business needs.

You are entitled to several benefits if you choose us as merchant account providers such as the follows:

We set up merchant accounts at lower rates, without any set up or application fee.

Faster application process adept at handling high volume accounts

No hidden charges such as higher fees for some extra features in the account.

Robust security management

24x7 technical support

Complete solution for both domestic and offshore payments

State-of-the-art technology usage such as ACH/check processing

Our goal is to help new businesses like yours set up seamless payment processing and handling systems with accuracy and agility. We are well acquainted with the risks and challenges associated with your business and we work hard to provide a one stop solution for you. Our team’s extensive knowhow of various businesses will help us understand your business needs and approve your merchant account application at the earliest. Our experts are committed to providing best in class services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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