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Credit Card Processing Merchant Services

Adult entertainment merchant account solutions tailor-made for you! Do you have a business that caters to adult entertainment such a gentleman’s club or a strip club or are just about beginning your night club? If you are answer is in the affirmative, chances are that traditional payment processing institutions have denied you application for a merchant account. This is because, the nature of business is considered morally debatable despite the high demand and therefore considered to be fraught with risks. As a result, you have been denied or shut off, causing a serious impediment for you. However, if you are reading this today, here is where your worries end.

Best Merchant Solutions for Adult Entertainment Business

As a high-risk payment processing solutions provider, we have extensive experience of working with start ups in various fields. We have experts in every sector who make the effort to understand the nature of your business, the opportunities it presents as well as the various risks involved. Extensive insight into businesses like yours, enable us to provide you with a custom-made payment solution if you run a small adult entertainment club and are seeking an appropriate payment solution. For instance, we understand that your business cannot be a cash only business and chances are that in the absence of payment processing solution you are probably losing business as you are unable to receive high value checks or accept payments through any other modes. Well, worry no more as we have a merchant account solution that is just right for you that we offer without any application fee and account set up charges. Further, we believe in total transparency. Thus, you will find no hidden charges associated with our account.

Specific Insights in Adult Entertainment Services

Thanks to our vast network of underwriting banks, that are adult entertainment friendly and have been associated with xxx cruise line funding, adult oriented conferences and conventions, we can provide quick approval for any kind of gentleman, strip or xxx club associated with nudity. Thus even if you have been denied by traditional banking system, that is high-browed and considers it damaging to cater to businesses like yours, you have no reason to fret as we are happy to step in a provide you just the kind of merchant account you need. Benefits of a high-risk merchant account When you opt for our services as merchant account provider you receive several benefits. Firstly, with our vast experience with start-ups, we are well, aware of your need for speedy approvals and thus provide same day approvals on a case to case basis. We provide a secure payment gateway and virtual terminal and SSL and PCL compliant solutions.

Further, with our merchant account specially tailormade for your adult entertainment business, you will receive ACH and electronic check processing facility as well as acceptance of a wide range of a large variety of credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex. If you are already accepting credit cards for your gentleman’s or strip club, we can guarantee that with our merchant account you can save up to as much as 25% of your current costs. We also understand that in your business there will always be customers who want a cash only transaction and would rather not leave any traceable activity on their cards. We thus ensure that your customers have the facility of cash withdrawal from their debit cards by providing a point of banking solution. Further, we are aware that chargebacks are common in your industry, and thus all our merchant accounts come with a chargeback insurance shield. If you are new in the business and wish to keep it local, we advise you to opt for domestic account that is available at cheaper rates than an offshore account. However, if you have expansion plans, we also offer an offshore account at very competitive rates. Not only that, our relationship with you does not end with you at the start up stage.

Best Providers in the Industry

We believe in forging long lasting relationships with our clients. You can therefore discuss your financial needs such as the need to repay debt, setting up shop in a new location or any other capital expansion needs. In any of the above cases, we can help you with a merchant cash advance solution with very favourable rates of interest and easy repayment schedule. Lastly, but not the least, we also understand that backbone of any payment solution is robust backend service. We therefore provide 24x7 customer relationship service and tech support to help you sort out technical glitches if any. Further, our representatives are always there to answer any question imaginable regarding the setting up or the functioning of your merchant account. Thus, if you are in the adult entertainment business looking for help to set up a fully enabled merchant account that helps you run your business smoothly, do not hesitate to drop in a mail or call us for any query at the earliest.

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