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Credit Card Processor for Web Development

Facilitate Smooth Payment Processing With A High Risk Merchant Account.Are you an online or internet marketing company or run an online advertising business? If yes, then you need to be agile and adaptable to the needs of your clients and need to provide them the convenience and security when it comes to payments. The primary need for your SEO service, marketing or advertising business is a secure and convenient payment gateway that allows you to receive and process payments from different clients through multiple payment streams.

Why traditional merchant account providers are wary

What you need therefore is a robust internet merchant account that maintains customer confidentiality. Although SEO services is an imperative for the success for any business, it is difficult for internet marketing companies offering SEO services to establish a merchant account for their payments. This is because reputed financial services providers are wary of the industry as some SEO companies have been involved in cases of fraud and embezzlement. Further, conventional merchant banks are wary of the potential chargebacks that may arise.

Thus, even if you are an honest business person with trustworthy services in the internet marketing domain conducting SEO or advertising and marketing business, you may find it difficult to set up a merchant account with a conventional financial services provider. However, this does not mean that a fully enabled merchant account will remain a distant dream for you. As a top rated merchant account provider, specialised in servicing high risk businesses such as yours, we are well equipped with the ideal resources and tools that are required to set up a robust merchant account for businesses like yours.

Experienced Merchant Account Provider at Your Service

We make the best use of state of the art technology that can turn any hand-held device such as smartphone or a tablet into an efficient payment gateway for you. With our user friendly mobile apps that work on Android as well as the iOS platforms, your customers can make payments, receive an acknowledgement, put down one’s signature and receive a emailed copy of the receipt in a safe and secure manner. As a business owner, you can sit back and relax as we simplify your complicated billing cycles as we have systems in place to take care of recurring billing requirements which is an integral part of your business. You no longer have to bother about sending a fresh invoice for the work you provide to the client on a monthly basis as our system will do that for you. Further, when you choose to partner with a leading merchant account provider like us, you can broaden your horizons and accept quick and easy payments from a whole host of credit cards. What makes your business “risky” as per traditional merchant account providers is the fact that you only have a virtual presence and your transactions fall in the “card not present” category where things are more prone to go wrong than a physical store that is swiping a card to complete a purchase. What is unique about us as a merchant account provider, is the fact that we not only set up an efficient merchant account for you, we also provide the required training and knowhow you need to understand and maintain it from your end. You can also choose to upgrade your account, when your business expands and rely on us to offer bespoke solutions for your needs.

Domestic Solution vs Offshore Merchant Account

With several new businesses exploring SEO and internet marketing service for varying needs, you, as a business owner, can choose to opt for a domestic or an offshore account as per your needs and convenience. However, if you wish to achieve success and enhance chances of profitability, it is better to opt for an offshore account that opens up new vistas for your business. Though a slightly more expensive module than the simpler domestic account, an offshore account can catapult your business to the next level.

We understand that you need a reliable and trustworthy offshore merchant account to process all your payments from your international clients smoothly. Thanks to our tie-ups with several overseas banks, we can give you access to the best in class offshore accounts to serve all your needs. We have the finest business accounts with the lowest rates that can help you receive debit or credit cards or any other kind of payments that your international clients need to make. Starting up your own venture is like a dream come true, and it is even more gratifying when you can make your place in a competitive industry. However, you need a merchant account provider who can provide you a seamless payment processing experience each time. As reputed merchant account providers with a wide experience of working with new businesses across industries, we provide bespoke merchant account solutions to take care of all the payment related needs of your business. Call us today for a better understanding of your business requirements.

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