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Merchant Services for Tech Support

Take your computer repair business to the next level with a leading merchant account provider. Can you imagine a day, where you woke up to find that your laptop or PC has disappeared and you are back to the age where you are expected to perform your daily chores without any technological help? Unimaginable right? The technical industry that includes PC technical support and computer repair, is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe. Yet, it is quite ironical that when it comes to approving merchant accounts for businesses such as computer repair or technical support, banks and other traditional financial services providers are not forthcoming at all and simply reject the merchant account applications that fall under the high-risk category.

Scamsters jeopardising legitimate businesses

However, the fear is not completely unfounded. Banks remain wary of potential scammers who operate under the disguise of technical support and steal personal information of vulnerable customers. What is even more dangerous is that these scamsters gain access to the financial accounts of customers. Till not so very long ago, a multitude of customers were victims of these scamsters. The modus operandi of such scam artists were simple.

They hacked in individual computers or those of organisations and introduced a malware in the system. As a result, each time one logged on, one got a message to contact “tech support”. Convinced after recurrent popups, one called the technical support person. The “engineer” arrived in all earnest, went through your system thoroughly while pretending to solve a non-existent issue, removed the malware in the process, and accessed all you personal information.

While many checks and balances have been put in place in recent times to identify such scamsters, they are still around, trying to dupe innocent customers. While this is reason enough for banks to be wary, the truth remains that without robust IT and computer repair support, most systems would collapse resulting in major losses for those dealing with sensitive data.

The downside of these scams is that the genuine retailers of PC technical support and computer repair businesses find it difficult to set up merchant accounts that often results in loss of potential customers. New and legitimate businesses in this domain need a secure payment gateway and a credit card processing enabled merchant account that enables them to provide a hassle free and seamless experience to their customers.

Leading Merchant Account Provider at Your Service

As a retailer offering such services, you need to be able to accept payments on the go as the nature of your business requires you to be mobile. It is a given that in the modern day the customer you are servicing may not have ready access to cash. That should not be a problem as you should be able to convert your smartphone into a secure payment gateway for the convenience of the customer. While convenience is primary, you must give equal importance to the protection of the sensitive information such as financial account details of a customer. Further there are many incoming and outgoing payments that you need to keep track of. For instance, you may have to buy spare parts, licensed software, operating system or antivirus. Speed and precision is key in your line of work as the customer may not be able to leave his laptop or PC for repair for a long time with you. Thus, you need to have an efficient payment gateway and credit card processing system that accepts payments from maximum types of cards, does not levy a heavy commission on the customer, protects his information across network and provides utmost convenience in the form of service.

While banks may be wary of providing you a merchant account that allows you to do all this and more, it is no reason for you to lose business on this count. This is where we come in. As a leading merchant account provider that has partnered with multiple start ups across industries we understand your unique needs as a retailer providing PC repair or technical support and are also aware of the risks associated with your business.

Selecting Best Merchant Solution

Our strength is a vast network of multiple underwriting banks that support secure, reliable and cost effective merchant account solutions tech support and PC repair services. Whether you provide security services for Mac and PC, browser and email support, hardware and router configuration and PC optimisation, we are equipped to set up a robust merchant account for you. We have extensive experience in dealing with new businesses and can help you set up a fully enabled payment gateway and credit card processing solution that will allow you to accept payments through your hand held devices such as your tablet or smartphone. With the help of an experienced merchant account provider you can see your new business go from strength to strength.

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