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Have a high risk business? Get a hassle free merchant account today! In this day and age of digitisation, it is an imperative for a business, irrespective of its scale, to attain a merchant account if it wishes to attain stability in an erratic market. This makes it possible for a business to accept payments and handle refunds when the need arises. However, unlike businesses that have a physical presence, those that simply have a virtual presence in the service industry, such as call centres, telemarketing firms and magazine subscriptions find it more difficult to set up a traditional merchant account.

Classified as High Risk Businesses

This is because, service businesses like the ones mentioned above fall into the high risk category and are treated warily by credit card processors. The reason is simple. Online vendors fall in the “card not present” category. This means, that a user of such services enters card details to make a transaction, unlike a store where there is a physical swiping of the card. In case something goes wrong, a card can be swiped again in the presence of the customer. However, in an online transaction, technical errors such due to network issues can lead to a lot of complications. For instance, there may be a situation where a credit card may get charged but the order does not go through. In such cases a refund may have to be issued even before the merchant account is credited. Further, in the case of magazine subscriptions, where subscription amount is processed well in advance, a customer may decide to stop his subscription before the specified tenure and demand a refund.

This means that the onus lies on the merchant account provider not only to bear initial expenses but also deal with penalties and chargebacks if any with the intention of retaining customers who are always on the hunt for a better and cheaper deal. Taking risks such as these into consideration, even the globally popular merchant account providers often refuse high risk online business service providers.

Best Solution for High Risk Businesses

However, if you have a high risk business that has been turned down by a reputed merchant account provider, do not worry, as help is at hand. As a high risk merchant account provider, we are equipped to handle the risks like the ones mentioned above, because we do not rely on the support of one but multiple underwriting banks. As a result, even if there is a technical error or a situation where a refund has to be processed immediately, we can cover all the expenses with ease.

Unlike traditional financial institutions that are wary of handling the many problems that high risk businesses such as magazine subscriptions and telemarketers have to deal with, we are adept at handling such situations with ease. Ease of doing business, is not the only benefit of choosing a high risk merchant account provider like us. We offer plenty of other benefits that will enhance your ease of doing business. Some of the benefits we offer are quick approval of your account at the lowest rates, with no application fees for initiating a request to open a merchant account. We also ensure that your financial transactions go through smoothly by setting up robust phone based (both iOS and Android based) payment gateway that is fully secure.

Why Choose Us?

As a high risk merchant account provider we are already aware of the nature of risks that your business faces. As a result, there are also very few chances of account termination even if a fraudulent transaction takes place. We have a lot of checks and balances in place to protect both your business from potential frauds as well as building your reputation by protecting customer data from any breaches.Further, once you start working with a high-risk merchant account provider and realise the ease of doing business, you can concentrate on expansion opportunities in order to reach out to a wider customer base and enhance your top line and bottom line quickly. We are a top rated high risk merchant account provider with robust security practices that has extensive experience in partnering with businesses like yours that fall under the high risk category. When you partner with us, you also do not have to worry about hidden charges as we have a transparent fee structure and accept multiple payment modes. Most of all, we have a 24x7 live customer support system to assist you at any point of time.

So if you are facing trouble in setting up a merchant account for your telemarketing, call centre or magazine subscription business, we are happy to be of assistance to you. Give us a call today to help us understand your business needs and get speedy approval on your merchant account to further your business goals.

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