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Customised merchant account solutions for high volume, high risk businesses In this highly digitised world, electronic commerce is a way of life for most consumers and retailers alike. The main reasons why e-commerce has catapulted into immense popularity are increased internet penetration, affordability of sophisticated hand held devices and the reduced time of transactions. Complicated, high volume deals between traders and trade partners can be conducted safely in a matter of minutes as compared to the traditional or conventional methods.

Classified as High Risk Businesses

In an environment like this, timeshares, advertising and resale and timeshare cancellation and relief are popular businesses to facilitate trade between e-commerce partners of different scales. However, popular though they may be in the present day context, businesses such as these have to go through a significant amount of trouble getting approval from traditional payment processing organisations such as credit card companies. This is because payment process for timeshares, advertising and resale and the likes, deal with multiple owners who exercise their right to use property in different ways and have high volume transactions being conducted on a regular basis. If you trying to set up a business in any of the above mentioned domains, it is likely that you have faced unjust rejections from traditional credit card processors because they think of start-ups in the business of timeshare, advertising and resale etc as high risk ventures.

Selecting a Merchant Account Provider

If your merchant account application has been rejected even after a complicated application process, do not worry as help is at hand. As leading merchant account providers with an edge we have experts who understand the payment processing needs for new age businesses. For instance, we understand that as retailers in the field of timeshares, advertising and resale you need a potent payment gateway to receive online payments from your clients. Another important aspect of your business, if you are in the field of advertising or resale is the need of a robust recurring billing system. Recurring billing like a subscription based billing allows you to charge your customers on a monthly basis without having to go through the trouble of making a fresh bill every time you need to charge regular or periodic customers.

The Benefits We Provide

We understand that retailers who are dealing in businesses such as timeshare advertising and resale along with relief and cancellations need to set up a valid merchant account that is 100% safe. A proper payment gateway along with credit card terminal is the necessity of such businesses. Only then will a business in such domain thrive with access to a variety of customers. Further, we also understand that you do not want to restrict your business to domestic shores. We therefore, facilitate the opportunity for offshore set ups. However, you will have to pay a slightly higher charge for an offshore account facility.

Simply because traditional banks and credit card providers are wary of setting up merchant accounts for new businesses in domains such as the ones mentioned above, is no reason for you to lose out on your potential clientele. If you are on the hunt for merchant account providers who set up customised solutions for retailers like you, your quest ends here with us. As leading high risk merchant account providers, we have reliable and robust solutions for high volume accounts such as timeshares, advertising and resale services and the likes. The advantages of choosing us as a merchant account provider are plenty. We have a wide experience in dealing with new businesses across industries and are well acquainted with the risks associated with them.

Risks notwithstanding, we offer a wide range of countertop as well as wireless terminals. There are different solutions for different needs For instance, if your customers operate largely through hand held devices, we also have the perfect mobile processing solutions. On the other hand, if you need to focus on your website, we provide many digital solutions such as payment gateways, shopping carts and virtual terminals.

When you opt for our services as merchant account providers, you are also entitled to a whole array of benefits such as:
- Hassle free approval on the same day
- Lower rates and free integration
- Major credit and debit card acceptance
- ACH and electronic check processing
- No reserve-High volume solutions
- 24x7 tech and customer relations support

If you are feeling discouraged after having heard about the many “complications” of your business that has made traditional institutions wary of setting up a merchant account for you, do not worry, as we are here with simple, easy to use and customised solutions to service every aspect of your business needs. Our business representatives are there to answer whatever questions you may have about your business. So do not hesitate any further. Pick up the phone and give us a call today for a perfect merchant account solution for your business needs.

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