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Loan Modification Credit Card Procesor

Payment Solutions for Your High Risk Business. In the modern world that is dominated by credit, anybody facing a cash crunch can easily opt for small unsecured credit lines. There are several options such as payday loans that one can pay back around the time of the next pay day and title loans where a borrower can pledge his car or motorbike as collateral and get a small line of credit in less than half an hour. There are other credit related solutions for existing lines of credit as well.

Solutions for companies that offer a Help at hand for those facing financial problems. For instance, if a borrower is unable to repay his mortgage due a financial hardship he an seek a loan modification and choose to reduce interest rate or extend the term of the loan or seek short term relief in the form of an ‘forbearance agreement’ where a lender agrees to suspend mortgage payments for a short time. If the lender is not agreeable to such solutions, a borrower can even seek relief from foreclosure, to help you out in tough situations. While companies providing services like the above have become necessary in this credit dominated world, new establishments providing services like loan modification, title loans, payday loans, loan servicers, foreclosure relief and real estate title companies find it difficult to establish a merchant account for their business. Businesses such as the ones mentioned above are perceived to be highly risky by traditional merchant account services providers because of the high rate of chargebacks and the uncertain nature of the business.

Merchant Account for Your High Risk Company

However, if your new business in any one of the above mentioned fields, and you are working hard to provide a valid and viable credit solution to those in need, the first thing you need is a reliable payment processing solution that offers your customers the convenience to pay through a payment option of their choice such as credit or a debit card or through internet banking. If a traditional financial services provider rejects your application on these grounds, you do not have to worry as the solution lies with high-risk merchant account providers like us.

When you partner with a merchant account provider like us, not only are you eligible for hassle free approval, we set up a secure payment gateway and a virtual terminal that is customised to your needs with SSL security that is PCI compliant. We also facilitate ACH and E-check processing for your customers. Further, having extensive experience in working with new businesses in various fields, we are aware of the risks that your business entails.

Mortgage and Loan Relief Credit Card Processing

Only those who are facing financial trouble are likely to look for easy funding solutions in times of need. As a result the risk of default is a constant risk in your business. Further, there are a host of other problems such as scams and identity thefts that enhance the risk of default. These are some risks that established merchant accounts are unwilling to take. However, as high risk merchant account providers, we have checks and balances in place to safeguard against risks such as these and safeguard your business by providing chargeback insurance on all merchant accounts.

We understand that the despite the evident risks of your business, there is a growing demand for ventures like yours to help thousands of people who are in financial doldrums. So, do not be discouraged even if you have been shut off or denied by other credit card processors. We are here to help you with a reliable and competent merchant account solution at very reasonable rates sans application and start up fees. While there are no standard rates when it comes to merchant account applications, we take the time out to understand your vision for your business and provide bespoke solutions accordingly. We are fully in support of new business owners and are ready to provide plausible solutions at a rate that is not detrimental to the rate of growth of your business.

Echeck Processing Options

As leading merchant account providers especially in high risk firms, we believe in complete transparency. Thus, when you decide to partner with us, we also insist that you read all the documentation before you sign them so that there are no surprises like hidden charges at a later stage. We believe in forging long term relationships with our clients across domains rather than providing a quick fix in a dire situation. Thus no matter what the size of your business in small, medium sized or large in domains like loan modification, title loans, payday loans, loan servicers, foreclosure relief and real estate title companies, we can provide just the right solution by way of a well-equipped merchant account for you. If you still have questions about our modus operandi, feel free to give our customer representatives a call to know how you can set up a merchant account with ease.

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