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Merchant Services for Vaping Products

Do not let your dream of vaping business go up in smoke. In this modern age, people are becoming increasingly conscious about their health. Those with a nicotine addiction are thus choosing e-cigarettes and vape and as alternative to regular cigarettes. Owing to the ever-surging consumer demand, vaping is a booming industry that is aiding people in their journey to quit tobacco for good.

Vaping Store Merchant Credit Card Services

While it may not be significant compared to the revenue generated by big tobacco manufacturers, the vaping industry has already grown in leaps and bound and is generating revenues upwards of $ 1 billion annually and is now an FDA regulated industry. However, despite the recent progress made by the vaping industry that comprises manufacturers and retailers in e-cigarette, vape, vape suppliers and e-juice do not find it easy to set up a merchant account to progress their business. A smaller merchant selling “regular” stuff like clothes or appliances may find it easier to walk into a traditional financial institution like a bank and get a merchant account in a matter of minutes. The same holds true for a credit card company, who despite having approved your account at first may freeze your account without any notice because your business falls in the high-risk category. A reputed bank may find it detrimental to your brand image to provide a merchant account for you.

What do you do in such a case? First thing do not be disheartened as help is at hand from a high-risk merchant account service providers like us. Given our vast experience in start-ups across all industries, we have experts who can analyse the risks associated with your business and provide a customised merchant account solution that is equipped to handle all you need and take your business to the next level.

Merchant Solution for Business Needs

While traditional banks may be unwilling to assist businesses like yourself with a high chargeback, we are perfectly ok with the nature of your business and are capable of handling high-risk, high-volume transactions with ease. We have a network of multiple underwriting banks who may be smaller in size but are willing to cater to businesses that are associated with “prohibited” items and run the risk of high chargebacks. Even if your credit score is fairly ok or even bordering on poor, you may still be able to get a functional merchant account at our end. As a high-risk payment processing solutions provider, we understand the risks of your business and will provide a state of the art, customised payment gateway that is easy to use, secure and PCI compliant. Our payment solution takes into account essentials of your business such as recurring billing requirements each month.

To enable your business accept different kinds of payments we have developed a payment gateway that is equipped to accept ACH and electronic check processing in addition to acceptance of payments from various credit cards such as Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa to provide your customers the facility to make a payment with the payment mode of their choice. Further, we understand that despite the growing popularity of vaping, the risk of chargebacks remains in your business. Thus, all our merchant accounts come with chargeback insurance on all accounts. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can opt for either opt for a merchant account with minimum reserves or rolling reserves. In case you opt for the former, you will have to maintain a specific amount of balance in your account at all times. In the latter option, we will withhold a pre-specified percentage of your daily transaction volume. This will be released periodically as per a stipulated policy.

24 Hour Customer Support & Services

Even if you are a new establishment setting up a merchant account for the very first time, do not worry as you will have ample assistance from our end. You will find that our team is ready to help you put together all the necessary legal and financial documentation to make your application process smooth and for you to receive speedy approval to set up a merchant account. We genuinely believe in handholding our partners in their way of success; thus you will not find any hidden costs such as set up or application costs surprising you at a later stage. Lastly, but not the least you will find 24x7 customer and technical support at our end. Be it some processing or technical glitch, our team is always ready to provide you with the kind of assistance you need. We realise that while the bigger businesses may have it easy at their end, each day is a new struggle for a company that is either a start-up or is of a very small scale. However, this does not diminish the need for a fully equipped merchant account to run your business smoothly and even take it to new heights. Thus, if you are finding it difficult to set up a merchant account for your vaping business, waste no time in looking up our website for details or give us a call for further assistance.

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